Harvester's Food Program

The first Monday of every month*  the Harvesters truck rolls into our parking lot and we distribute free perishable food to Gardner residents who are in need.  The truck arrives approximately 9:30 am.  The truck is unloaded and we are then able to distribute the food at approximately 10:00 am.

Please line up on Moonlight Road north of the church building.  You may pick up enough food for 3 families.  You do not need to present anything to show need.  Please drive through the line and the volunteers will load your car.

If you would like to volunteer to help distribute, we always need more volunteers.  Arrive by 9:30 a.m., find a parking space and ask one of the volunteers how you can help.  Its work but its fun and we NEED YOU! 

We all have needs and hard times and if you would like prayer we would be honored to be able to pray for you.  At the front of the line you will receive a Scripture handout and also a prayer request form that you may fill out and present at the end of the line.  If you would like prayer that day there are those available who would be happy to pray with you.  You only need to ask.  Your written prayer request will be honored on Wednesday evenings during prayer service at the church.

*We do not distribute in January,  February or March.  Also, if the temperature is 32 degrees or lower, we will not be able to distribute food, or if we are having snow storms or rain storms.  In case of bad weather, the next distribution will be the following month.