under construction lessons

Building Permit

Scripture: Genesis 11:1-9, The Tower of Babel

Before starting construction of a building, you have to get permission to build. If you

just start building anywhere you want, you’ll probably run into a lot of trouble. Once, the

people of earth thought that nothing could stop them from being like God. They

started to build a tower to heaven to prove it; but they soon discovered that God was

more powerful than their plans.

Objective: Kids will learn that our plans will fail when we leave God out.


Scripture: Genesis 6:9-22, Noah Builds the Ark

Every construction project has blueprints – detailed plans of how to build and what the

finished project should look like. When God told Noah to build the ark, he gave him

detailed instructions on how to build it. Noah followed God’s blueprint exactly, and Noah

and his family were saved.

Objective: Kids will learn that we need to follow God’s instructions in His Word.

Wrecking Ball

Scripture: Joshua 6:1-20, The Fall of Jericho

Before a new building can be put up, often an old one must be torn down. That’s when

construction crews bring in the wrecking ball. When Israel came to their new home, the

city of Jericho stood in their way. They didn’t need a wrecking ball to bring it down; God

had other plans. To begin building something new in our hearts, God needs to help us

repent of sin so it can be removed.

Objective: Kids will learn that repenting of sin means turning from it, choosing God’s

way instead.

Laying The Foundation

Scripture: Luke 6:46-49, The Wise and Foolish Builders

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the building, if it isn’t built on a solid foundation the whole

thing will fall apart. Jesus is the firm foundation that we should build our lives upon.

Objective: Kids will learn that the foundation we should build our lives on is Jesus.


Scripture: Acts 2:1-14, 38-47, Many Are Saved

Cement is made from special rock, clay, water and other materials all joined together in

a cement mixer. The crowd at Pentecost was filled with many different people from

different places. But when Peter shared the good news of Jesus, many of them

believed. God mixed them all together to create the first church.

Objective: Kids will learn that God’s Holy Spirit is the cement that holds the Church

together, and it is who God put in our hearts to keep us connected to Him.

Hammer & Nails

Scripture: Nehemiah 4, Nehemiah Faces Opposition

You have the plans and the equipment, and you’ve done all the prep work. But at some

point, you have to put hammer to nail and start building. Nehemiah and his workers

faced tough opposition when they tried to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. But

Nehemiah never lost heart, and the work continued to completion.

Objective: Kids will learn that when we face obstacles, God’s Spirit gives us the

strength to keep going.

Right On Schedule

Scripture: Romans 8:26-39, More Than Conquerors

Everyone hopes to hear from their builder that construction is “right on schedule.”

Sometimes we might get discouraged, thinking we are too weak or that we are not good

enough. We must remember that when we follow Jesus, God goes to work inside us.

God is building something good and amazing in us.

Objective: Kids will learn that it can take time, but if we continue to trust Him, God will

build us into people who live more and more like Jesus.

Welcome Home

Scripture: John 14:1-14, Jesus Prepares A Place For Us

When the construction work is done, a new building is ready to become someone’s

home or business. When Jesus left the earth, he let his disciples know that he was

going to build a place for us in heaven. All of us who put our faith in Jesus will be

welcomed home there.

Objective: Kids will learn that those who follow Jesus have their true home in heaven.