lesson series - THERE'S A VERSE FOR THAT!

Week One:  Choices

We all face tough choices in life, and sometimes it's hard to know the right thing to do.  Thankfully, we can go to God and receive the wisdom we need to make the right choices.

Week Two:  Time To Run

We live in a sinful world, and temptation comes at us from all directions.  When we see temptation, we need to get away fast and focus on God.

Week Three:  I Got the Blues

It's easy to praise God when life is good, but not when things go wrong.  When we are down or having a bad day, that's when we need God most of all.  If we turn to God, he will lift us up and give us a new song.

Week Four:  My Bad

When we make a mistake, God doesn't want us to run and hide.  He wants us to apologize and make things right.  Jacob did the right thing when he made amends with Esau, and we can do the same.

Week Five:  Your Bad

God has forgiven us of our sins.  God expects us to forgive others as he forgave us.

Week Six:  Jump for Joy

Happiness is fleeting, but joy is something that can't be erased by circumstances.  Because of Jesus we can have joy anytime, anywhere.

Week Seven:  Parent Problems

Parents can drive you crazy, but God gave you parents to raise you to be wise and love the Lord.  They deserve our respect, our attention, and our love.

Week Eight:  Eeek

When we are afraid, we can take our fears to Jesus.  Jesus knows what it's like to be afraid, and when we give him our fears, his love can help us overcome those fears.

Week Nine:  Truth Teller

When we are in danger of getting in trouble or trying to get ahead, it is easy to tell lies.  But God wants us to be truth tellers, even when it hurts, so that he can be glorified in our lives.

Week Ten:  No Fair

Life is full of unfairness, but when we remember all Jesus has done for us, we remember that we are better off than we deserve.  We need to thank God for his blessings and share the good news of Jesus with others.

Week eleven:  Futures So Bright

Pride wants to tell us that we are better than others and deserve whatever we want.  But God is our Creator and our Savior, and if we are to be his followers, he must become greater while we become less.

Week Twelve:  Anybody Home

It's easy to get frustrated when we think God isn't answering us,  but unanswered prayers are always blessings in disguise.  When God doesn't answer the way we want,  it's because he has a better plan in mind.