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The Man Who Never Died

Scripture: Genesis 5:18-24, Enoch

We don’t know a lot about Enoch, but the Bible does tell us that he “walked with God,”

meaning that he loved God and followed in His ways. Enoch never died. God took him

away, sparing him from the suffering that would soon come upon the earth.

Objective: Kids will learn that we should also seek to walk with God.

Sibling Rivalry

Scripture: Numbers 12:1-16, Miriam and Aaron Oppose Moses

Moses had been chosen to be the leader of the Israelites. When his brother and sister

began to question Moses’ leadership, Miriam was struck with leprosy. God made it clear

that Moses was God’s chosen leader and should be respected.

Objective: Kids will learn that we should respect and pray for godly leaders.


Scripture: Numbers 21:4-9 & John 3:15, Snake in the Desert

When snakes came through the Israelite camp biting people, God instructed Moses to

do a very strange thing. Moses was told to lift up a bronze snake on a pole and those

who looked upon it would be healed from their snake bite. Thousands of years later,

Jesus compared himself to that snake, saying that if we turn to him, we will live and not


Objective: Kids will learn that Jesus gives life to those who turn to him.

The Floating Ax Head

Scripture: 2 Kings 6:1-7, Floating Ax Head

Elisha and the other prophets were building a place to meet and listen to God. When

one of the workers lost the head of their ax in the Jordan River, Elisha was able to

make the ax head float to the surface with the power of God.

Objective: Kids will learn that God will make a way for us to serve him.

The Great Meeting

Scripture: Matthew 17:1-9, The Transfiguration

Jesus took Peter, James, and John up into the mountain where they witnessed an

incredible sight: Jesus bathed in light talking to Elijah and Moses. They also heard the

voice of God saying, “This is my son. I am pleased with him.”

Objective: Kids will learn that Jesus is the Son of God and he came to save us.

Liar Liar

Scripture: Acts 5:1-11, Ananias and Sapphira

The followers of Jesus were selling their possessions and giving them to the poor.

Ananias and Sapphira wanted people to see them as generous, but they also wanted to

keep some money for themselves. So they lied to Peter and the other disciples. That lie

ended up costing them dearly.

Objective: Kids will learn that serving Jesus requires honesty and integrity.

“Arm”ed For Battle

Scripture: Exodus 17:8-16, The Amalekites Defeated

Moses stood on the mountain to watch the battle. When Moses lifted his staff in the air,

the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his arms, the Amalekites starting

winning. Eventually, Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms until the Israelites completely

defeated their enemies.

Objective: Kids will learn that success doesn’t come from our own might but from God.

Sun Block

Scripture: Joshua 10:1-15, The Sun Stands Still

In another battle, this time with Joshua as their leader, the Israelites went against the

armies of five different kings at once. As the battle raged on and on, God stopped the

sun in the sky for a full day, so that the Israelite army could keep fighting and win the

victory. God can stop even the sun, our God is unstoppable.

Objective: Kids will learn that God is unstoppable.