Hey Royal Kids!

You were excellent "Code Breakers"! You broke the code and discovered God's message to you is - 

You are Loved; Love God; Love Others. 

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled program for some "Breaking News" - Jesus is Alive! 

In this lesson series we will learn about the death and resurrection of Jesus. We'll also learn His great commission

for us. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" - Mark 16:15

Next we'll learn Biblical answers to the worlds big lies in our lesson series, "Lie Detector"

"While man's word is ever changing, God's Word is eternal and unchanging - it's a rock solid foundation

for our thinking" - Ken Ham

                                           March 19th               BREAKING NEWS

                                    March 26th                BREAKING NEWS 


                                    April 2nd                    BREAKING NEWS


                                    April 9th                     Easter Sunday - NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH

                                    April 16th                   BREAKING NEWS

                                    April 23rd                   LIE DETECTOR


                                    April 30th                   LIE DETECTOR

                                    May 7th                      LIE DETECTOR 


                                    May 14th                    Mother's Day - NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH

                                    May 21st                     LIE DETECTOR