Missionary Page

Reaching Up to God......Out to others .......In to Each Other

Our LINKS Missionaries for 2016-2018 are all from the Kansas City District.  

  • Stephanie & Sandra Tibi - South Africa
  • Chris & shelly - secured area
  • Deanna - secured area.

Two of our Missionaries are in CREATIVE ACCESS and SECURED AREAS.  Missionaries in creative access areas cannot speak publicly about religion.  When we communicate with them, we must avoid words that refer to missions, church, believer, salvation, Sunday, religion, God, Holy Spirit, or Jesus, etc.  But, we can still let our missionary families know that we have them in our thoughts and prayers.  If you wish to send them a card, keep these communication restrictions in mind and please put your card or letter in an unsealed envelope. Here is a little information about our missionaries.

Stephane & Sandra Tibi, are in Africa Central Field (French-speaking countries) and there are no communication restrictions at this location.

Wish List:  Anything for kitchen and home; Amazon gift cards, biographies or saints books.  iTunes gift cards (for worship and music).

Hobbies: Stephane loves to read,d to learn about faith, history and science.  Sandra: loves walking outdoors; loves botanical gardens, parks, birds, trees and plant, photography; and hosting people.

Chris & Shelly and sons, Camden, Caeric, and Chariton are in a CREATIVE ACCESS AREA (see restrictions).  Wish list: Boys: Anything Lego, superhero, art supplies, clothing (size 7, 5, 24 months)  Shelly: Chocolate chips, cake/muffin mixes, peanut  butter, M&M's, KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce.  Chris: Coffee beans, Old Spice Deodorant White stick (not blue - allergic).

Deanna is in a CREATIVE ACCESS ARE (see restrictions)  Wish List; Coffee, chocolate, recipes for baking, spices.  She plans to use recipes and cookie exchanges to build relationships.  Hobbies: Riding bikes, loves coffee, baking.

Please remember to pray for the missionaries special to our church:

David & sylvia Potter, Southeast Asia

Scott & Gail Dooley, Papur New Guinea

Scott & Emily Armstrong, Dominican Republic

Dave & shelly Webb, Costa Rica

Chris & Shelly

Jaron & Elizabeth graham, New Zealand